Hoss_TBF (hoss_tbf) wrote,

Another NLHE final table?!

I'm starting the final table of the WSOPE main event tomorrow, a little below par but all things considered, I'm happy.  I started yesterday with 710k and 36 players left; I finished the day with 674k and 9 players left, with average around a million.  Blinds are 10k-20k so I am not quite on life support and do have a bit of room to maneuver but wow--what a tough final table.  Jason Mercier has been absolutely dominating and has a pretty big chip lead, Daniel Negreanu is short but obviously always dangerous and frankly, I wouldn't be thrilled to see any of the remaining players at a cash game table.  Yesterday was a very frustrating day--pretty much all of my hands played themselves and I didn't have any particularly interesting spots.  I folded a lot, which, as most of you guys know, is pretty rare for me and makes me sad.  But today is a new day and being out there under the hot lights with ESPN around is a far cry from playing at home in my pajamas.  I'm certainly not saying I prefer it, but it is a fun and exciting change of pace.  Time to shower and get going!
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