Hoss_TBF (hoss_tbf) wrote,

It's been a great summer.  I've played a little bit of poker since the WSOP, but not too much.  Em and I had a total of 7 weddings to attend in three countries and also took a few side trips to enjoy New England before Em's classes start back up and I bear down with poker again.  It's nice to be back home in Boston, settled and just able to enjoy the city.  We love it here.

My marathon training crashed and burned when I tore both calf muscles multiple times.  I'm finishing up physio and starting to run little by little again, but it was really frustrating.  I'd just been on a 15 mile run at a decent clip, which was the longest run I'd ever done.  My knee was bothering me quite a bit when I'd cool down after runs, but with a few exceptions, though it might sometimes hurt while I was running it would never actually slow me down.  The first tear came on a run the day after seeing a doctor about the knee, who talked to me for 10 minutes, fit me for expensive orthotics and gave me a lift to wear in one shoe, since one leg is half an inch longer than the other.  It's not entirely clear that the tear was his fault (although I do wish he'd suggested breaking in the lift slowly), but I've never had problems like this in the past and the bayesian inference is pretty obvious.  But then, I also tore a small muscle in my neck earlier this week while bridging and rolling a heavy guy off of me in jiu jitsu.  As the chiropractor who diagnosed the tear was twisting and torquing my neck, he mumbled just loud enough for me to hear, "Why won't this thing come OFF?!"  I'm sure it's stock humor, but nonetheless I thought it was pretty awesome.  Sports coaches have always told me that eventually, though you don't notice it when you're young, you need to start stretching.  I was hoping that "eventually" would be long after I was 27, but here we are.  The neck tear wasn't too bad and it's already feeling a lot better--I'll probably get on the mat again next week and see how things go.

Planning on going to London for the WSOPE and EPT events in late Sep/early Aug--pretty excited for the trip but I'm already missing Emily, as it's going to be almost 2 weeks.  I tried to get reservations for The Fat Duck, but even over a month out, there is nothing besides a lunch reservation open for the entire time we are in London.  This was deflating news, as the london trip is probably the only thing I've planned over a month in advance besides my wedding in a long, long time.

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