Hoss_TBF (hoss_tbf) wrote,

10k LHE

Wow, just wow.  Halfway through the night, I was moved to easily the most desirable table in the room (except for the small issue of one very obnoxious, very noxiously gassy guy).  I was pretty lucky at this table, but there were so many gems.  My biggest pot of the night went like this:

UTG raise, UTG+1 reraise, cold caller, I call with 9h 9c, sb (gassy guy) calls.

8h 3h 2d

sb bets, UTG calls, UTG+1 calls, first cold-caller calls, I raise, sb 3 bets (leaving himself with 700), call, call, call, I make it 4 bets, all call.


check to me, I bet, get 1 caller


check-check, UTG+1 flashes the Th and folds so I get the sidepot, sb shows A3o, bows out, and finally we can breathe again.

And here's actually an interesting hand:

gassy guy limps utg, Brandon Wong raises in the cutoff, I call with AdTd out of the bb, gassy guy calls

7h 4h 4s

check to brandon who bets, I raise, gassy guy cold-calls, brandon calls




I check, gassy guy bets, brandon calls, I decide to give it up.  They both show KQo and chop the pot.

Yes--this IS a $10,000 tournament.  On to day 2 with 86,300.  If you're interested, I'm twittering (mostly chipcounts) as hoss_tbf
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