Hoss_TBF (hoss_tbf) wrote,

wsop updates coming soon . . .

I had a friend's wedding in southern california this morning and had to head straight to the airport from the reception to get back in time for the 10k HU tournament today.  Thanks to a superstar shuttle driver, I left the hotel about 45 minutes before my flight but still managed to get on the plane on time.  All seemed well until the pilot announced that there had been a "security breach" and all flights were grounded until it was resolved.  Though we knew it was probably no big deal, it nonetheless made for an unsettling 45 minutes on the tarmac.  They never told us what it was, but the flight got me into vegas in time to make it to the rio, albeit in full wedding attire.  The tournament started well as I won both my matches and am on to Match #3.  Also, it seems that people treat you better when you wear a suit . . .  I gave the valet a normal tip, but he kept my dirty, rental Prius up front between a bentley and a ferrari.  Heh.
Had a few interesting hands today but I'll post them in a few days.  I go sleep now.
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